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Translation for 'port side' in the free English-Spanish dictionary and many other Spanish translations. bab.la arrow_drop_down bab.la - Online dictionaries, vocabulary, conjugation, grammar Toggle navigation The opposite side of the boat is called "port" because on boats with steering oars, the oar was located on what we call the starboard side, so the boats would tie up to the dock on the other "port Of course, in emergency situations, it can be potentially hazardous for someone to get turned around and use their left instead of the boat’s left or the like. This is supposedly the reason why terms like “port” and “starboard”, referring to one side of the ship or other, were originally used. What is the definition of side port?

Port side meaning

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Roughing It in a Not-So-Luxurious Luxury RV. No deck-stateroom, but down below, on the weather-side, — the port-side, remember that, the port-side. What does portside mean? On the port side of a ship. (adjective) Portside definition is - left, leftist.

Have successfully landed at a ground-side outpost, or on pads at the major hubs (Port Disposal Orinth MIC-L1 New Babbage Outpost 54 Port Tressler .

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You step on a ship and everything suddenly becomes nautical, despite the fact that most on the boat probably have to resort to mnemonics to remember which side of the ship is port and which side is starboard- usually 'Port out, starboard home' might be rather a strange inclusion on a website about phrases, for, as we shall see, it isn't much of a phrase at all. The much-repeated tale is that 'Posh' derives from the 'port out, starboard home' legend supposedly printed on tickets of passengers on P&O (Peninsula and Orient) passenger vessels that travelled between UK and India in the days of the Raj. Need to translate "port side" to Spanish?

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for microphone response, with the nearfield responses of the port, woofer, and both smooth out to the speaker's sides, meaning that the energy in-room will be. Swedish - Ukrainian - English Online Trillingiual Dictionary, Wordlist and Converstaion Guide.

Port side meaning

Here's a quick rundown of the directional words to use onboard a ship. Port and starboard are nautical terms for left and right. If you are standing at the rear of the boat looking forward, or to the bow, the entire right side of the boat is the starboard side and the entire left side is the port side. Because port and starboard are not relative to the observer (like "left" and "right" would be), there is never So, port side intake means the cold air enter the switch where the ports are and port side exhaust means hot is exiting from the port side.
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Port side meaning

06-22-2016 07:46 PM. Hi, This scenario usually applies to Cisco Nexus Series switches, where the exit for hot air from the switch could be in the back or front side. So, port side intake means the cold air enter the switch where the ports are and port side exhaust means hot is exiting from the port side. With Nexus switch you have the option to Port Said. Port Saint Lucie. Port Salut.

How to use portside in a sentence. adjective, adverb on a waterfront or near a port.
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port +"Ž side.

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Swedish Meaning, hamn, hamnstad, port, dataöppning, babord, sjöfart, hamnplats, portvin,. on the left-hand side of a vessel or aircraft when facing  BABORD - English translation, definition, meaning, synonyms, antonyms, examples. Swedish I always confuse which side is port and which starboard. As U-558 was torpedoing ships on the starboard side of the convoy, U-158 approached the port side and torpedoed British tanker Diloma at 0635 hrs.

On the port side of a ship. (adjective) Portside definition is - left, leftist.